School Closing Information

Inclement weather or other emergencies may result in delaying or closing schools within the Greenwood Community School Corporation. The decision to close schools is based upon reports from school administrators, the Police Department and city street officials. Historically, the compactness of the school corporation with primarily city travel and the efficiency of the street department have permitted Greenwood Schools to remain open while other corporations have been forced to close. There is not a specific practice for temperature and wind chill.  The district looks at each situation individually.   Many times, the temperatures do not rise until later in the day; in which case, a two-hour delay would have little to no impact.

Announcements concerning school closing will normally be made no later than 5:45 AM with a School Messenger alert via phone, text, and/or email.  Also, information is sent to the following TV and radio stations:

  • WTTV Channel 4

  • WRTV Channel 6

  • WISH TV Channel 8

  • WRTV Channel 13

  • FOX 59

  • WTTS (92.3 FM)

  • WZPL (99.5 FM)

  • WCBK (102.3 FM)

  • WEDJ (107.1 FM, Radio Latina)

Patrons are asked not to call school offices. These phones must be kept open to receive and send information on road conditions and communication with other officials.  The decision concerning a child attending school has always rested with parents when it relates to illness or safety.  The district respects a parent's decision in these matters.  If parents are concerned about bus transportation, they may transport their children themselves. Parents should also be sure their children are dressed according to existing weather conditions.

Double and triple bus runs in the Greenwood Community School Corporation plus the complexities of vocational and special education transportation make late starts and early dismissals very difficult.  However, parents are asked to have an emergency arrangement for their children in the even that a late start or early dismissal is required.