Thank you for choosing Greenwood!

New and Returning Registration for 2023-2024

  • For Kindergarten and new to Greenwood students (including Westwood's developmental preschool program), please fill out the new student registration at this link.

  • For all returning Greenwood students, please log in to your parent PowerSchool account at and click "Registration" on the left for each student along the top.

Out-of-District Transfer Applications

Greenwood welcomes over 750 students who live outside of district boundaries. If you also would like to join our schools, out of district transfers are now being accepted for the 2024-2025 school year. Some grade levels may be closed to transfers if certain enrollment thresholds are met.

To apply, open the application below, fill in the form fields, then save it to your local computer and print a copy. NOTE: this is NOT an online application and you must print, sign, and mail or deliver to the Superintendent's Office at 605 West Smith Valley Road, Greenwood. An after hours drop box is available. You may also send a completed application via email to Carah Derloshon at The first pages of the application give more detail to our application process.

Early Entrance Kindergarten

A student residing in Indiana must be at least five years of age on or before August 1 in order to enroll in public school kindergarten. However, Greenwood Schools will consider appeals to this rule.

Kindergarten Resources

Click the image below to view the kindergarten presentation.

Kindergarten Information slide - welcome, resources, intervention, registration, our schools, other