GHS plans to offer summer school for students who failed at least one semester in an English course, Algebra I and Geometry as long as enough students sign up.  A few additional notes:

*Classes will run from June 1st through June 26th and they will be offered in two hour blocks (8-10 am and 10-12 pm).  Please note that June 1st is a Tuesday and June 26th is a Saturday.
*Students are allowed a maximum of 2 absences (of any type).  Any additional absences will result in removal from Summer School.
*There is no Distance Learning Summer School.
*Students can make up one semester or two semesters of English.
*Students can only make up one semester of math.
*Bus transportation is available upon request (form linked at the bottom).  However, breakfast and lunch will not be served.
*Credit recovery labs may be an option if a student’s failing percent is high enough.

Please complete the linked form to take advantage of this opportunity to catch up on credits and to become enrolled for summer school.

Please contact Lisa Laug at 317-889-4000 or if you have any questions or concerns.