Good afternoon!  Linked here is the schedule for Final Exams.  A few notes to emphasize:

*Buses will run at the regular times each day next week.

*All students should be at school and in class by 7:30 am each day with the exception of Thursday (5/26).  Next Thursday (5/26), PowerHour will be in the morning from 7:30-9:10am.  Students are encouraged to come in to get help before their three finals, but they do not have to be in attendance until 9:15 am on Thursday (5/26) if they choose.

*Seniors begin their final exams early (see schedule).  

*Final Exams cannot be taken early so please plan on being in attendance each day.

*The last period ends at 2:30 each day with the exception of Wednesday when the day ends like normal at 2:00 (PLC Schedule).

Final Exams represent an important opportunity to help demonstrate students' learning.  Please encourage your child to work hard in preparation and to finish the semester as well as possible!