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Welcome to Nutrition and Wellness!

This course introduces students to only the basics of food
preparation so they can become self-sufficient in accessing healthy and nutritious foods. Major course topics include nutrition principles and applications; influences on nutrition and wellness; food
preparation, safety, and sanitation; and science, technology, and careers in nutrition and wellness.

Weekly Agenda
Topics of Discussion / Projects

Food Preparation Terms (October)

Heat Transfer (Conduction, Convection and Radiation) (November)

Moist Heat and Dry Heat Methods of Cooking (November)

Review Cooking Terms and Nutrients at cram.com - go to the site and type lstadtfeld into the search engine.  The two groups of terms will come up to study and play games!

How to Make-Up A Missed Foods Lab / Syllabus / Grading

Make-Up Work

            Students missing food lab days must bring in a magazine, newspaper or Internet article focusing on a foods’ topic. Students must write or type ¾ - one page critique and summary of the article. The student’s own ideas must be written. No plagiarism will be allowed. The article and the summary must be turned in together to get full credit. Anything less than ¾ of a page will not be graded. Make-up work can be turned in up to one week after the absence. Regular classroom work will be assigned for days missed in class.

 Alternative: Watch a Food Network or cooking show. Write about what the concept of the show is about. Explain cooking techniques and ingredients used in the show to create the final product. Discuss new concepts or vocabulary you learned from watching the show. Write or type ¾ page -1 page summary about the show.


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