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Mr. Frahm's ceramics classes are based primarily on studio production. Students will learn many techniques for making creative functional pieces.

In Ceramics I and II, students will learn beginning hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques. Our focus will be on handling and manipulating clay to create simple forms. Students will learn the basics of the ceramics process and vocabulary.

Ceramics III and IV students will create pieces based on slightly more complicated forms and surface treatments on both wheel-thrown and hand-built forms. We will continue to work with craftmanship and add an increasing emphasis on esthetics and visual interest.

Ceramics V-VIII students will continue to build on their experiences in the studio by designing and creating pieces that expand their knowledge and skill. Students will produce show-quality work with advanced techniques and thoughtful decisions regarding esthetics.

Current Assignment Lists

A quick look at what has been assigned for the current grading period...


Ceramics II

Trapeziod Box

Thrown Mug

Ceramics IV/VI

Textured Piece

Thrown Lidded Piece

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