High School Office and Support Staff

Display #
Name Position Phone
Quebe, Laura Instructional Assistant
Shea, Tony Auditorium Director 317-889-4000 x3415
Swisher, Erin Athletic Department Secretary 317-889-4000 x3701
Swisher, Linda Instructional Assistant
Taylor, Holly Attendance Secretary 317-889-4000 x3404
Tharp, Curtis Building Services Supervisor 317-889-4000 x3601
Tuttle, Arleia Cafeteria Manager 317-889-4000 x3600
Werner, Rhonda Receptionist 317-889-4000 x3403
White, Beth Credit Recovery 317-889-4000 x3425
Winnett, Sally Instructional Assistant
Yeater, Julia Instructional Assistant 317-889-4000 x3201

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