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Welcome to Algebra 1
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Welcome back to school! Please use this website to double check anything you are unsure about in class. I will have weekly agenda's posted along with anticipated quiz/test days. Daily handouts (notes/homework assignments/reviews) will all be posted here in case you have misplaced something, want another copy, or are absent. 

Please never hesitate to ask me questions in class about anything you are struggling with or need to take care of to be sure you achieve maximum success this school year! 


Weekly Agenda
Q4: Week 1 (March 14-18)

Monday: Happy Pi Day

Students may bring in a snack to share (does not have to be enough for whole class) that is circular. We will be exploring cirlces with our snacks! 

No Homework

Tuesday: Data Interpretation Packet

No Homework

Wednesday: Data Interpretation Packet

No Homework

Thursday: Data Interpretation Practice 

No Homework

Friday: Acuity Assessment on Data Interpretation

No Homework


Have a great break! :) 

Q4: Week 2 (April 4-8)

Monday: Review Stations Day 1

No Homework 

Tuesday: Review Stations Day 2

No Homework 

Wednesday: Review Work Day

No Homework 

Thursday: Lesson 8.1 

Homework: Homework 8.1 

Friday: Lesson 8.2 

Homework 8.2 

Q4: Week 3 (Apr 11-15)

Monday: Lesson 8.3 Notes/Practice

No Homework

Tuesday: Quiz 8.1 Review 

Homework: Study for Quiz 

Wednesday: Quiz 8.1 

Homework: Cumulative Review Worksheet

Thursday: Lesson 8.4 

Homework: 8.4 Homework Worksheet

Friday: Lesson 8.5 

Homework: 8.5 Homework Worksheet 


Q4: Week 4 (Apr 18-22)

Monday: Lesson 13.1.3

Homework: On homework Slide

Tuesday: Review Stations

No Homework

Wednesday: Quiz Review

Homework: Study! 

Thursday: Quiz 10.2 

No Homework

Friday: Lesson 13.4.1 

Homework: on homework slides 

Q4: Week 5 (Apr 25-29)

Monday: Lesson 13.4.2 (Review)

Homework: Finish Review Worksheet

Tuesday: Trig Review

No Homework

Wednesday: Test Review

Homework: Study! 

Thursday: Chapter 10/13 Test! 

No Homework

Friday: Review/Fun Day

No Homework 



Q4: Week 6 (May 2-6)

Monday: Packet 2 

Tuesday: Packet 3 

Wednesday: Survey Data is Due! Work Day on Graphs for Project (Graphs due 5/11) 

Thursday: Packet 4

Friday: Packet 5 

Q4: Week 7 (May 9-13)

Monday: Packet 6

Tuesday: Packet 7

Wednesday: Graphs are Due! Work Day for Analysis 

Thursday: Practice Packet (Quiz Grade) Work Period

Friday: Final Work Day---Finish Everying Up


Presenations start Monday! 

Q4: Week 8 (May 16-20)

Monday/Tuesday: Presentations

Wednesday-Friday: Final Review with Packet


Finals Next Week! (May 23-25)

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